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Online marketing solutions to help you attract new patients, create new referral sources, and grow your practice.


Your practice needs a marketing platform to help you attract and inform prospective and returning patients, but it shouldn’t be a burden. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about what’s working and what you need to do next. You’re busy enough--marketing doesn’t have to be another thing on your plate. Our fully-integrated marketing platform was designed for medical practices like yours, so you don’t have to worry.




We are a full-service digital and design agency that works hard for our clients! Whether you're looking for an inspiring logo, powerful web presence or guidance from our experienced marketing and brand consultants, we're here to help. Marketing is often incorrectly defined within the narrow context of advertising or selling, but in fact marketing is essential for delivering your company's objectives and growing your business. And more importantly, for the longevity of your business.

We identify marketing solutions that deliver a return on your investment with the goal of exceeding your expectations - and without the jargon. Our tailored marketing services include managing innovative campaigns, from online marketing to brand management and social media. Our deep understanding of brand positioning and our advisory approach to each client sets us apart. Our strategic design expertise spans from brand placement and management, to visual identity, collateral creation, and interactive design. Our shared philosophy is centered around the notion that all brand touch points must be aligned in order to achieve full brand potential.

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Website Design and Development + Conversion Tracking

Search Engine Marketing

Content Marketing

Practice Marketing Promotion

Reputation Marketing for Your Practice

  • Website with up to 12 pages (additional pages may be added to initial cost)
  • Custom copywriting for your homepage, doctor bios, and team page
  • Wordpress content management system
  • Patient Education articles
  • Conversion tracking
  • Call and form tracking for accurate return-on-investment
  • Includes website traffic analytics
  • Starter SEO service “SEO Lite”
  • Registration with Search Engines (Google & Bing)
  • Local Map Listings for Up to Two (2) Locations (additional locations available at $25/mo per location)


For those with a specific vision, or clients requiring a more specialized site with higher-level advanced features, a custom site is the ideal solution and are quoted on an individual basis.

Custom Websites


Should you require print services for your medical practices, we’re happy to help.

Print Services

Primer Package

The Primer Package is a great way to get started, whether you want to establish your personal brand outside of your practice, or try out online marketing for the first time.



Each year, millions of people go online to search for medical information, advice, and services — making it increasingly important for doctors to raise their online profiles for ultimate consumer engagement.


Creative8 will work with you to fully explain the SEO process and set realistic objectives for improving overall traffic to your website. Local business listings will create a consistent set of information for patients looking for your office and give search engines incentive to send more traffic to your website. Monthly reports generated by Google Analytics will keep you informed on the volume of your web traffic and the value of your marketing campaigns.


  • Registration with Search Engines (Google, Bing)
  • Creation and submission of sitemaps to both search engines
  • Linking information with Google Analytics to create better reports
  • Local Map Listings for up to Two (2) Listings (additional listings may be added at $25/month).
  • Google map listing verification
  • Local information “push” to high-quality data providers like Localeze, Factual, and Acxiom
  • Monthly Reports
  • Monthly snapshot reports generated by Google Analytics comparing month-over-month performance
  • Does not include detailed analysis from Mudbug SEM team

Helping Your Patients Find Your Website.


$8000 Plus $475 monthly (includes Maintenance, Conversion Tracking, Call and Form Tracking, and Starter SEO)


Do you know if your marketing efforts are helping you get the right patients?

The Practice Marketing Promotion package takes the guesswork out of your marketing. You’ll see how patients are finding your practice and be able to connect that data to actual appointments and procedures. With this service, you target the patients and procedures that are the best fit for your practice and optimize invested marketing dollars ONLY in the referral channels that help you reach your bottom line goals. In other words, do more of what’s working for you.Our Practice Management Promotion is a monthly, on-going service that is billed at $1500 monthly. This service requires a minimum of a 9-month service contract.

A. Measure Patient Interaction with Conversion Tracking

Analytics data can tell you how many people visited your website. With conversion tracking, you can go one step further and find out how many of those patients booked an appointment by filling out a form or calling your practice. Call tracking and form tracking data ties in with your analytics, allowing you to see how patients are interacting with your site.


Our Approach to Content Marketing

Your medical practice is unique in many ways. Your content marketing package shouldn't be a carbon-copy of someone else's approach. At Creative8, we look at every website as a new opportunity to get you the patients, pathologies, and procedures you need for your medical practice. After all, why have a website if it isn't getting patients in the door?

Patients searching for a doctor want to know more about your specialties to see if your practice is the right fit. Give your patients more information about the services you offer and the conditions you treat and help them make an informed decision. Articles about your specialties give patients an idea of what to expect before they even walk in the door. Well-written, informative content is also an important factor in search engine ranking.

We recommend this package as a starting point if your website does not have any personalized content related to your specialties.

This package will serve as a foundation for patients to learn more about your practice and the services you offer. We start off with market research to determine which procedures and services patients are searching for the most. Once we have that information, we will review our findings with you and make recommendations for your specialties articles. Specialties articles are different from patient education in that they are personalized to your practice; they include information on how your practice performs a procedure, rather than just generalized information.

We will also create a Specialties page that will serve as an overview of all the procedures and services offered at your practice. This page will serve as a starting point to help patients learn more about your practice and will include links to your specialties articles and/or patient education so that patients can learn more if they would like to.

Once your content has gone live, we will create a report to analyze your site traffic and keyword ranking since the content has gone live. This report includes a phone call to discuss our findings.



This includes:

General Content Marketing Strategy 

Creation of Patient Engagement Landing Page (a page for previewing your practice with testimonials and Patient Engagement articles)

Six Articles (Posts)Monthly Performance Reports


Phone Call Tracking

We use dynamic number replacement to record the number of people who call your office from the phone number listed on your website. Dynamic number tracking replaces the phone number on your site with a unique tracking number. When a patient dials the tracking number, the call will forward to your office and be counted as a call in your conversion report.

Form Submission Tracking

How many people submitted an Appointment Request or Contact Us form while visiting your website? You will be able to see at a glance in your conversion report!

Conversion Sources

What is the most effective traffic source for conversions--organic traffic, paid search, or other traffic sources? Our conversion reports include data on conversions from each traffic source so you can invest in the most effective areas of your marketing strategy.

B. Target the Right Patients with Paid Search

Paid search marketing helps you target the patients and procedures you want for your practice. You can adjust your campaign to target specific patient demographics, locations, and procedures to connect with the patients that are the best fit for your practice’s specialties. When your practice needs traffic right away, paid search advertising is effective at targeting the right patients and getting them to your website.

Increase Your Website Visibility with Paid Search

With a paid search campaign, you can drive traffic to your website by placing ads on search engine results pages. Search engine optimization (SEO) can take time and effort to build up rankings and traffic, whereas paid search can begin driving traffic to your website almost immediately. This makes paid search a great supplement to search engine optimization — it helps to get the momentum going while you continue to strengthen the value of your site through SEO. Our team will target your paid search campaign to your local market, identifying relevant keywords and creating compelling ad copy. Once the campaign is up and running, we will continue to monitor it and make adjustments as needed so that you can get the most benefit out of your investment.

C. Shape the Conversation w/ Online Reputation Marketing

Patients are behaving like consumers, consulting the internet and online review sites before choosing a physician. Those ratings can affect your practice’s reputation and bottom line. Shape the online conversation by proactively collecting and posting reviews from your patients. The days of simply monitoring for a negative comment are gone. Help patients share their positive experiences to build trust and grow your practice.


$1000 minimum ad spend (per month)

$500 one-time startup cost.

Management fees are an additional 20% of monthly spend.

Creative8 recommends running a paid search (PPC) campaign for your practice for a minimum of three months to accurately measure the impact of paid search efforts on your website.


Patients behave more like consumers every day. This means that they now head to the Internet to choose their doctor, whether to find a practice for the first time or to evaluate a recommended physician. There are over 80 doctor rating sites inviting patients to post their experiences. Their posts, in aggregate, affect your business and your bottom line. We’ve partnered with online reputation marketing experts to provide cutting-edge online reputation management services.


Your patients are eager to help. Ask for feedback, hand them an iPad to complete a quick 3-minute survey (provided with the service), and retrieve the iPad. That's it!

Auto-Post Reviews Online

The patient will complete the review and automatically choose to post it to their review site(s) of choice.


There is no patient information contained in the surveys, so you’ll never have to worry about private patient information being assessable.

Respond to Negative Reviews

Although most patient reviews are positive, practices will occasionally get a negative review from a patient. Our Reputation Management system will automatically detect negative reviews and send you the message before it gets posted as an actual review. This way, you can address the issue before it gets any further and actually does become a negative tarnish on your practice record. 


$1000 (initial annual set-up fee, which includes the device and all platform set-up).

Monthly on-going fee of $249 for campaign creation/management.

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